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How to Live Without Anxiety, Stress, Panic and Depression in a Big City

You don’t need to look for a psychotherapist or pay for your treatment though, because you can learn how to find balance and mental health by translating the meaning of your own dreams according to the scientific method, since they work like psychotherapy for your conscience.

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Mental Health Treatment – How to Talk to Your Unconscious Mind and Find a Psychologist

You can talk to your unconscious mind if you learn the dream language, made with images instead of words, and receive answers to all your questions. The unconscious mind will provide you with a mental health treatment through dream messages, working like a psychologist for you. You’ll discover your wild side and understand what is absurd, and what is sensible and good for you.

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How to Avoid Making Mistakes in Life and How to Face Regret

We are in fact primates with a tiny human conscience, which is also under-developed. We can only make many mistakes in life if we don’t learn how to fight against our primitive wild conscience, the anti-conscience, and how to transform our personality, becoming always more human.

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Why the Dreamer’s Biography is Essential for a Perfect Dream Translation – Scientific Method

Other people in dreams are parts of the dreamer’s personality, and this is why his friend is a part of his personality. The telephone in dreams represents a possibility. So, this part of the dream shows us that the dreamer looks for help using the possibility to put a certain part of his personality into action.

This part of his personality (friend) tells him to go up a mountain, which means that the dreamer has to accept to face a big challenge very important for his life.

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The Importance of Dreams’ Details – Dream Interpretation as a Science

Now, we have to examine better this detail. What does it mean when someone exaggeratedly protects their moral principles, in a way that doesn’t fit with a wise and peaceful image?

It means that on one hand they are too afraid, and on the other hand, that this protection is not adequate. In other words: it may seem to be strong, but it may be only a supposed protection that is not really effective, and cannot really protect the person.

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Mind Power – How to Influence Other People and Captivate Them

Your mind is not a toy, and you must be very careful when you lead with its content. Learn what exists inside yourself by translating your own dreams if you want to have a clear vision of the content of your mind, and at the same time, receive the safest and most effective psychotherapy you could ever have.

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How to Stop Cutting Yourself Right Now With Wisdom

You are going to stop cutting right now because you finally have understood that this behavior is absurd, and it is provoking you graver problems, instead of helping you cope with the suffering of your life. This is wisdom: the clear recognition of the truth.

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The End of All your Pain and Suffering: Depression and Neurosis Cure through Dream Translation

If you only suffer from depression or neurosis, it is guaranteed that you will be cured following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in only 2 to 8 months of therapy. If you suffer from graver mental illnesses, you will be cured too, but your psychotherapy will delay somehow or a lot longer, depending on the gravity of your case.

However, you don’t have anything to fear, even if your case is the worst one, because the scientific method of dream interpretation is really miraculous, since we see everything reflected in the dream scenes. We have information!

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Neurosis Cure through Dream Interpretation According to the Scientific Method

Neurosis is a mental illness that characterizes the biggest part of our population. Neurotics are characterized by
1. Fear
2. Constant suspicion of the existence of a conspiracy against them
3. Lack of trust in their own judgment
4. Nervousness
5. Absurdity in their thoughts and behavior
6. Silent acceptance of their absurdity, while they hide it from the public. This [...]

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