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How to Stop Having Mental and Physical Problems and Avoid Hidden Traps

You will always verify that you did what was right and saved you from trouble after obeying the divine guidance. This is guaranteed. You may disagree with this guidance while you ignore its results, but you will surely be grateful for having obeyed this guidance later, after seeing from what kind of dangers you were protected. The possibility to be guided by the divine unconscious mind will help you if you will be humble and serious.

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How to Prevent or Cure a Mental (or Nervous) Breakdown

It is a big mistake to stop having panic attacks with medication. If you won’t solve the problems that are causing panic attacks you will someday have a nervous breakdown and be unable to function normally for a long period of time. You may need one year to recuperate your conscience again after having a mental breakdown. This is why you must take dream therapy very seriously and eliminate all psychological problems and unbearable symptoms that are torturing your mind before having a nervous breakdown.

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Heath – Mental Illnesses and Physical Diseases You Can Prevent through Dream Therapy

I’ve helped numerous people through dream translation. I’ve also learned the dreams of many people who relate them to me, without following dream therapy. I can tell you that whenever someone has recurring dreams, the problems they face a certain day are really unbearable. Besides indicating future mental illnesses or diseases, recurring dreams can also indicate other misfortunes, like being betrayed by someone you trust, or losing someone you love.

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