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How Can The Meaning of a Dream Change Your Life?

A dream can change your life, depending on your attitude. If you’ll simply translate the meaning of your dreams without putting into practice the unconscious guidance, you won’t be able to solve any problem. You have to understand in which ways you have to change your behavior after learning God’s words in your dreams. The dream about losing your wallet is a warning. You must have faith in God’s existence. You must believe in your victory, even if you are discouraged because you are facing unexpected problems.

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The Meaning of a Dream About Yourself

The anti-conscience is your violent, primitive personality, that doesn’t want to be tamed by your sensibility. Your humanity is concentrated in the tiny part of your brain that possesses human characteristics like goodness, generosity, and forgiveness. However, there are also many negative characteristics in your human conscience, because it is one-sided and thus, absurd. It needs development. Besides this fact, your human conscience is controlled by your ego.

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