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How To Deal With Absurdity And Materialism

The attitude of this dreamer is absurd from the beginning, since he is resting instead of treating his mental illness. This means that he is not paying attention to the unconscious guidance, and he is not changing his attitude. He keeps being selfish and violent. This is very common. Until today we didn’t know how absurd we were, but now this shocking truth must alarm the world.

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Materialistic Obstacles In The Path To Spiritual Evolution

In our dreams God criticizes our behavior, clearly showing us all our mistakes and sins like a judge, according to the Christian philosophy. At the same time, He shows us how to transform our personality and find sound mental health like a doctor, according to the Buddhist and Taoist philosophy. Many other religions are represented in dreams. I simply gave you an example thanks to these three different and similar religions. There are numerous similarities between all the religions of the world.

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The Last Days Of Materialism And Atheism

The materialism that characterizes our world works against the development of our human conscience. We are induced to care only about material pleasures, without paying attention to our spiritual evolution. Everyone must be able to understand God’s words in dreams in order to understand the meaning of life and the importance of their spiritual evolution.

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