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The Importance of Love Relationships for Your Mental Stability – Finding Your Perfect Match

Our personalities didn’t fit together; we were totally different. However, we couldn’t understand our own absurdity for deciding to get married. We thought we could shape our lives the way we wanted to. There are many couples that make similar mistakes, for different reasons. There are people who are slaves of their feelings, and cannot logically understand that the person they love is not the ideal one for them. Other people care only about sexual pleasure, without paying attention to their inner feelings.

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Carl Jung’s Psychology – Frustrating Love Relationships Between Opposite Psychological Types

If you have a love relationship with a psychological type based on a psychological function totally opposite from your main one, you won’t be happy with this person. The same happens if you are introverted and you have a love relationship with an extroverted psychological type, or vice-versa. You may desire to insist on this relationship, believing that the differences between you make you complete one another, or that they are irrelevant. However, with time these constant frustrations in addition to the daily conflicts generated by your contradictory personalities, will annoy you very much.

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