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Learn Why Justice on Earth is Only a Myth

He would defend me in any case, even if I was the worst monster of the planet and I had committed barbarous crimes. I only had to pay him the amount he was asking for, and wait. He would simply play with the laws, and write many excuses. He didn’t mind defending a murderer, or destroying the life of an innocent person because he was an incompetent lawyer. All customers were welcome, without exceptions and without explanations. My friends and relatives didn’t help me in any way.

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The Meaning of Dreams and The Meaning of Justice

Their anti-conscience takes advantage of their selfishness and absurdity in order to impose more absurd desires to their conscience. This is how they lose their mind and they become mentally ill. The unconscious mind shows you how dangerous everyone’s ego is, so that you may understand the meaning of justice. By identifying the unfair attempts of everyone’s ego to prevail in all situations and simply defend their own interests (while disregarding the rights and the needs of others) you will be able to understand what is right or wrong.

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