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Was Your Nightmare Just a Dream?

Native Americans knew how important the dream messages were, like many ancient civilizations that lived before Christ and were mentioned in the Bible. However, the absurd modern civilization doesn’t let you pay attention to what doesn’t belong to your material reality. On the other hand, you don’t like to pay attention to what is bad. The narrow-minded concepts of the current civilization try to annulate the importance of what is bad, presenting everything as if it was not really bad. This is a very dangerous and foolish attempt.

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Was It Just A Dream?

The image of an animal is giving you many explanations at the same time. You only have to relate the symbolic meaning of the dream image to what is happening to you in your daily life. For example, if you only remember that you saw a bird in a dream, this image is already giving you important information about the future. What kind of bird did you see?

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