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Understanding Phobias, Unexplained Symptoms, Incurable Diseases and Other Mysteries

There is a positive and a negative destiny previously traced for everyone, depending on the psychological functions that are developed in their conscience. The positive destiny is the destiny of the individual who will transform his personality and develop all his psychological functions. The negative destiny is the destiny of the individual who will be indifferent to his absurdity and will become mentally ill.

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Why Should You Attain Perfection? How to Be a Hero

Patients who suffer from a severe mental illness (or even from a simple neurosis; it makes no difference) don’t have a reasonable behavior. They will be tiring, irritating, offensive, lazy, and arrogant. You will desire to abandon them all the time. Patients who suffer from incurable diseases are indifferent patients who have no courage. However, you must be persistent and tolerant. You have the moral obligation to save those who have no hope of salvation. You must be grateful because you are a strong hero, and not a victim of terror. You are healthy. You are a savior.

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