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How to Increase Your Intelligence and Stop Making Mistakes

Many parts of your personality belong to your anti-conscience because they were not developed. You have to develop your intelligence in order to use all the capacities contained in the various different parts of your personality. By following the unconscious guidance in dreams, you will transform the wild parts of your personality into positive components of your human conscience and use all your capacities. This way, you’ll stop being a slave of your wild side whenever a part of your personality that belongs to your anti-conscience will manage to control your behavior.

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How to Hugely Increase Your Brain Power

Your brain power and your sensitivity constantly increase, as you acquire a greater vision of the world. You are also able to see the entire content of the human mind. This vision, and the development of your intelligence to the maximum, will transform you into a superior creature. You’ll have the power to change many situations and influence many people.

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How to Be Confident and Increase Your Self-Esteem – Overcoming Social Phobia

The fear of what is dangerous and bad will not paralyze you. It will simply protect you from being naive. You’ll learn how to build courage, realizing that once you solve all the problems that frighten you, and once you get rid of the influence of your wild side, you can feel safe.

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