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How To Stop Being A Victim Of Craziness And Immorality

In the beginning her dreams were negative because she was exposed to numerous dangers. Her anti-conscience was controlling her mind and her behavior. This is why she was immature, naïve, and immoral. Thanks to the information she had in her dreams she gradually became more mature, sensitive, intelligent, and moralistic. She still must improve her personality, but she managed to stop being in danger, and she learned the importance of finding her real perfect match.

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Dreams About Shoes And Your Mental Health

This dreamer is making a dangerous mistake. The fact that he will have problems because of his attitude is clearly visible in this dream. You would better understand this warning if I could tell you his life biography and his answer to my question, but I cannot expose the dreamer. However, even without knowing the dreamer’s story you can understand from this part of his dream that he believes that he is protecting his moral principles, while his attitude is visibly immoral.

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