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What Is Mental Health? Illusions And Truths

You will become a mentally healthy person when you will have the behavior of an angel. You may believe that I’m exaggerating, but the truth is that the people you consider mentally healthy are in fact mentally ill, but their mental illness was not discovered by the scientists of our historical time. For example, today’s psychiatrists don’t consider indifference or anger as indications of behavioral abnormalities, while they are clear indications of insensitivity and cruelty.

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Are You Mentally Healthy? Illusions and Hidden Truths

If you are unable to use all your psychological functions you are unable to analyze all the components of your reality. You have a limited vision, which cannot help you understand the entire truth as it is. A partial vision of your reality is very dangerous because it doesn’t show you everything you should know. If you believe that your partial vision is the absolute truth and you don’t analyze all the aspects of your reality, you will surely make many mistakes.

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Your Ego and Your Freedom

You cannot perceive your own absurdity. This way, your anti-conscience manages to generate a mental illness within your conscience, while you believe that you are a ‘normal’ person. The absurd components of your personality keep pressuring your ego and demanding a superior position for its image. Your ego is an idol, or better saying, a puppet manipulated by your evil anti-conscience. If you want to find safe freedom on Earth, you must get rid of your absurd ego and learn how to be humble, without letting your anti-conscience use your ego to destroy your human conscience.

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