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The Truth About The Human Nature And God’s Plan

Right now you underestimate your capacities and you cannot believe that a simple person like you can achieve the impossible. After transforming your personality and understanding God’s plan for your salvation and for the salvation of the human race, you will verify what you will be able to achieve. You will be strong, intelligent, self-confident, wise, pure, and calm.

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God’s Words in Dreams and The Human Nature

You don’t believe that ancient civilizations could discover what we ignore in our historical time. You believe that we are smarter than previous generations, while we are in fact repeating the known mistakes and sins of the human race. In different cultures the spiritual reality was respected and considered to be more important than the material one, but the scientific and technological progress of our historical time gives you the impression that we know more than our ancestors. This is a false impression. There are truths that don’t depend on material elements.

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Do You Believe in God? The Truth About The Human Nature

The divine unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist. All dreams help us fight absurdity and evolve. If you still doubt that God exists or if want to complain about something, you can directly talk to God through dream messages. However, you should understand that you are not having the right attitude. If you don’t believe in God this is because you didn’t have real proof of His existence in the superficial world. If you are revolted with God’s decisions this is because you cannot see what is happening inside your own brain, or inside the brain of those who are around you.

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