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What is Homosexuality? Should We Accept Homosexual Relationships?

The immorality contained in homosexual relationships is clearly visible when we analyze the dreams of homosexual individuals. We verify all the distortions caused by the anger they feel against the opposite sex, even when they cannot consciously admit that they are revolted with the opposite sex. While normal sexual relationships are healthy and blessed because they represent a total union between a couple, which goes beyond the material dimension, abnormal sexual relationships with individuals of the same sex is not based on a spiritual connection between the couple. It is merely a carnal connection.

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The Bathroom in Dreams – The Difference Between Gender Identity Disorder and Homosexuality

Dreams where the bathroom of a man has a feminine aspect, or the bathroom of a woman has a masculine aspect, indicate gender identity disorder. The unconscious mind will analyze the dreamer’s life, and all their fears, showing him or her why they have such feelings, and what they have to do in order to eliminate the abnormalities in their behavior, which induce them to prefer being like the opposite sex, instead of being the man or the woman they really are.

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