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The Real Dimension of Dreams and A New Historical Time

I understood that the human conscience is absurd because all psychological types tend to become neurotic with time. Every person loses consciousness with the various deceptions of life and the invasion of the absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience into their human conscience. I also understood that it was safer to obey the divine guidance than to follow my own conscience, and keep making mistakes.

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How to Be Superior and Surpass Your Historical Time

The mother in dreams represents the wild and primitive side of the human conscience, which is totally absurd. If this was your mother she would represent a negative part of your personality that belongs to your wild side. Your ex-mother-in-law has a similar meaning, with the exception that since she is the mother of your ex-husband, this means that she represents the negative side of your husband’s personality. In other words, you are still afraid to show to another man that you want to have a love relationship with him because you are still afraid of the negative side of your husband’s personality.

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