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Are You Mentally Healthy? Illusions and Hidden Truths

If you are unable to use all your psychological functions you are unable to analyze all the components of your reality. You have a limited vision, which cannot help you understand the entire truth as it is. A partial vision of your reality is very dangerous because it doesn’t show you everything you should know. If you believe that your partial vision is the absolute truth and you don’t analyze all the aspects of your reality, you will surely make many mistakes.

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Dream Interpretation – Discovering Hidden Truths in The Meaning of Dreams

Sensitivity is what gives mental stability to a live conscience. We believe that mental stability is based on rationalism. However, rationalism alone leads us to absurdity. Without sensitivity we can only make barbarous mistakes. Unfortunately, this is what happens in our culture. This is why our world is ruled by terror and violence, while this truth is camouflaged by superficiality and indifference.

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