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Protection from Hidden Dangers through Dream Predictions

By translating the meaning of dreams based on the scientific method you have a valid and trustful method to predict the future and know how to protect yourself and your family from hidden dangers. You also get prepared for changes and positive events. The unconscious mind helps you attain a higher level of consciousness when you eliminate your dangerous wild nature and you learn how to be wise. As you pass through a process of mind empowerment through dream therapy, your life changes. Better life conditions follow the transformation of your personality.

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How to Discover The Hidden Unconscious Messages in a Dream

All dream images have a symbolic meaning. You should never interpret a dream based on your personal opinion. This is like trying to guess the meaning of a document written in a foreign language without knowing its alphabet. You should translate dream images into words, without following the logic of the dream story, which is based on the logic of your conscience. I will give you an example by using a paragraph from a dream dreamt by one of my patients.

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Reading The Hidden Unconscious Messages in Dreams

If you’ll be foolish and insist on your plans, you’ll have to face the bitter consequences of your mistakes. The dream predictions are based on real facts. The information you have in dreams is not based on suppositions. If you want to find peace and happiness in life, you should obey the unconscious guidance, even if you’ll dislike the truth reflected in the dream messages. The unconscious warnings save you from trouble, preserving your mental stability.

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