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Why Should You Attain Perfection? How to Be a Hero

Patients who suffer from a severe mental illness (or even from a simple neurosis; it makes no difference) don’t have a reasonable behavior. They will be tiring, irritating, offensive, lazy, and arrogant. You will desire to abandon them all the time. Patients who suffer from incurable diseases are indifferent patients who have no courage. However, you must be persistent and tolerant. You have the moral obligation to save those who have no hope of salvation. You must be grateful because you are a strong hero, and not a victim of terror. You are healthy. You are a savior.

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Should You Be A Hero? Learn The Advantages of Heroism in Life

You should be a hero because you understand that happiness is more important than anything else. You cannot be indifferent to your destiny and simply follow the absurd mindset of the modern civilization. You’ll never find authentic happiness in life if you’ll imitate the idols of the absurd world. The divine unconscious mind makes you stop, and think. You have to realize the meaning of your life.

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How to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts After a Big Failure and Become a Hero

You won’t face this difficult challenge alone. The wise unconscious mind will show you how you can begin again, and how to do only what will bring you success for sure.

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