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The Scientific Meaning Of Hell

When you are alive you are free. You have the power to do whatever you may desire. However, since you are a demon, you don’t want to learn how to develop your human side. You don’t mind being evil. You simply hide this fact from the world. You don’t want to believe in God’s existence. You are not afraid of God. This is a big mistake that will make you suffer more than you can possibly imagine.

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Revelations in Dreams – God’s Anger and His Punishments

Nobody wanted to learn more details about my discoveries. Whenever I tried to show to a certain priest what I had discovered after continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche, I was interrupted before being able to explain anything. Every priest would give me lessons, and tell me what a certain saint or a certain philosopher had said about this matter in the past. I didn’t need to give them explanations. They knew everything better than me. They seemed to know everything even better than God.

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Hell on Earth and Hell After Death – Salvation and Heaven

Following the directions of the unconscious mind in dreams everyone learns how to eliminate the hell of mistakes and sins, and how to find peace, wisdom and happiness.

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