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The Power To Heal Yourself Through Dream Translation

The fact that the unconscious mind doesn’t try to please your ego proves that the information you have in dreams really comes from God, and not from your ignorant mind. Your ego’s ambition always is to be in a superior position. The world takes advantage of this fact to make you desire to satisfy the absurd desires of your selfish ego, since the world wants to keep selling you many products. All psychological treatments based on human suppositions do the same. They respect your ego’s intention to be at the top, as if it wasn’t absurd.

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How to Heal Yourself With Your Mind

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is the safest depression, neurosis, psychosis, or schizophrenia treatment you could ever find. If you want to heal yourself because you suffer from a physical disease, you’ll be cured the same way. The unconscious wisdom cures your ignorant mind through knowledge, helping you transform your behavior. When you’ll have the right attitude, your body will stop suffering. This means that you will heal yourself with your mind once your ignorant mind respects the wise unconscious mind that analyzes your thoughts, and corrects your behavior.

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How to Heal Your Body and Spirit while You Develop Mind Control

You’ll discover spiritual salvation after taming your wild nature and transforming it into human nature, besides discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. This is how you are going to heal your spirit from wickedness, violence, immorality, cowardice and indifference.

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