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The Power of Dreams and The Guarantees Given by Dream Predictions

I understood that what gives us real guarantees that we can trust the unconscious messages in dreams is exactly the fact that the unconscious mind has a saintly nature. I would never agree with the idea of obeying a superior mind only because this mind was more intelligent than mine. However, I immediately agreed with the idea of obeying God’s words in dreams because God is wise and saintly. God’s goodness is the best guarantee I could have that I could really trust the divine unconscious messages.

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Depression Treatment That Guarantees Your Mental Health and Happiness

You have no idea how intelligent you are because the biggest part of your brain belongs to the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like the human side of your conscience. You make many mistakes in life because your conscience was not completely developed yet. When you’ll transform the primitive part of your conscience into human content, you’ll become a genius.

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Is Neurosis Threatening You? – Online Treatment that Guarantees Your Mental Health

Depression and neurosis are very easily cured through dream translation when the dreamer is a good patient. Follow the unconscious guidance in your own dreams and rest assured that you will find peace and good mental health. By employing dream therapy you will soon come to realize that your doctor is not an ignorant human being. Your doctor is a wise and superior mind (your own unconscious) that has saintly characteristics.

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