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How to Guarantee Your Happiness in Life

I was so ignorant when I was at the beginning of my research… The positive dream I saw in the beginning of 1988 about giving diamonds to my classmate made me feel that I really had a special talent. It gave me self-confidence, and the courage to keep working. In the beginning I didn’t know if my studies would really lead me to brilliant solutions, or if I was merely wasting my time. At that time I didn’t know that I would continue Carl Jung’s research and discover the terrible anti-conscience.

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Parenting Advice – How to Protect Your Children’s Mental Health and Guarantee Their Safety

If you won’t be a cautious parent and care about guaranteeing the mental health of your children while they are still young and their anti-conscience is not so powerful yet, they may become depressed teens, or acquire graver mental illnesses. A mental illness begins with the invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of a person’s conscience. The more he or she accepts the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience, the more the ability to constructively criticize the world and form logical conclusions becomes impaired. The individual also becomes more insensitive, and more indifferent to what is bad or painful.

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