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Finding Out The Meaning of Dreams through Scientific Dream Interpretation – Immediate Translation

I’m going to translate the meaning of a short dream that possesses rich symbolism in order to give you an example, but without explaining many details, otherwise this article will be too long. Mary dreamt that she was walking near the sea when a dog started following her. She tried to avoid it by entering into a cave. She found there two snakes. One was very small and the other one, too big.

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The Advantages of Scientifically Translating The Meaning of Dreams – Finding Out An Ignored Truth

I stopped caring about writing down my dreams for a while. I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong. The truth is that I was actually wrong in my daily life because I had to show compassion to my father-in-law; instead of being lazy and selfish. However, in the dream he represented my husband’s conscience. Only later could I understand his symbolic meaning. The dream was showing me that my husband’s father (his conscience) was giving me important lessons about my husband’s personality, but I didn’t want to study them.

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