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The Importance of The Fight Between Good and Evil for The Process of Consciousness

You learn how to give importance to all the components of your reality, and not only to the ones that your favorite psychological function prefers. You also learn how to have an introverted and extroverted attitude in life. You stop being only introverted. You stop being a type interested in your own opinion about everything and nothing else. You stop being only extroverted. You stop following the world’s opinion without criticizing anything. You understand that you must have your own philosophy of life.

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Dream Therapy – Learn How to Fight Neurosis Before it Becomes a Severe Mental Illness

We live in a world where money is most people’s god. This characteristic alone already reveals the global absurdity of our hypocritical and indifferent world. The poverty that marks the biggest part of our population, and the survival difficulties of the other part of our population, which is constantly trying to make more money, prevent our world from finding balance. A neurotic won’t find salvation in a world where everyone is selfish, and perhaps, already neurotic too. Only the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams can save everyone’s mental stability, and help us find sound mental health.

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How to Fight Depression – Permanent Depression Cure

You can be sure that the guidance of the unconscious mind is correct and will help you without a doubt, because the unconscious mind is a superior mind that regulates the functionalism of your organism and works independently of your conscience. It is a font of eternal wisdom.

This is why your depression will be permanently cured.

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