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Dynamic Psychotherapy that Increases Your Mind Power

For example, one of my first online patients (in 2007) wanted to live and work in a big city, even though she lived and worked in another city. She had a good salary, but she wanted to live in the big city for personal reasons.
The unconscious mind is very patient. It gives numerous explanations with many details to all dreamers, answering all their questions. The unconscious mind showed to this dreamer in her 5 dreams 5 reasons why it would be very bad for her to abandon everything and live in this big city.

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Mental Health Therapist and Counselor – Dynamic Psychotherapy through Dream Translation

I could say that 80% of the dreams I receive for translation every day are based on love relationships, or somehow related to the dreamer’s feelings. Other people send me their dreams for translation because they suffer from a severe mental illness, but they cannot find support anywhere. Only the scientific method of dream interpretation can help everyone without distinctions.

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