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The Confessions of A Dream Expert and The Fight Between God and Satan

God gave me a heavy cross, telling me that I was a terrible demon. I had to pass through many crucifixions. I had to learn how to be humble in order to escape schizophrenia. I had to prove to the world that only the obedience to God’s guidance can save humanity from craziness and terror by fighting my anti-conscience and winning this battle. I hated my existence. I obeyed God’s guidance against my will, writing many blasphemies in numerous notebooks. God took advantage of my ignorance.

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A Dream Expert’s True Destiny

I was sure that the entire world would admire my writings. Everything I used to write had an important meaning. The fact that I could write in a beautiful way didn’t mean that my words were empty. I started writing my first poems when was 7-years-old; exactly when I learned how to write my first words. I had many notebooks with my creations. I wrote my first poem almost without really knowing how to write. However, God had different plans for me.

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Dream Expert – The Meaning of Dreams Based on Carl Jung’s Method

The unconscious mind helps us develop our intelligence and sensitivity. We eliminate our dangerous anti-conscience through consciousness, as we translate the meaning of our dreams and we obey the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind teaches us the real meaning of goodness. We learn how to become perfect human beings. By eliminating our evil anti-conscience, we eliminate what causes suffering.

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