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Divine Revelation Based on Dream Translation

Our absurd insistence on pursuing material pleasures in parallel with the terror of the world is responsible for the formation of an unbearable hell in our exploited planet. There is no meaning on trying to cure physical diseases in a world ruled by terror and violence because all diseases punish the human absurdity. Our physical health depends on our mental health.

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Scientific Discovery Which Became Divine Revelation

I very clearly saw all the power of the anti-conscience that provokes all mental illnesses. Once it manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience it starts sending us hallucinations, and all kinds of absurd thoughts and unbearable sensations. There is no human being who can survive under the attacks of the anti-conscience once it becomes so powerful.

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Second Divine Revelation – Religious Proofs of God’s Existence

We are basically demons with a very tiny human conscience. In other words: we are idiots and too absurd. We have to obey God’s directions in dreams, in religious teachings, and in signs that we have to interpret like dreams, so that we may be completely transformed into human beings.

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