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The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind that Produces Our Dreams

The truth is that I agreed with God’s guidance. The idea to simplify Carl Jung’s method was not mine. However, I accepted my mission because I understood that I really had to help everyone understand the meaning of dreams like me. This knowledge will save the world. This happened only now because now we are ready to accept obeying God’s guidance without objections, after all our failures. My obedience marks the beginning of the global obedience to God’s guidance. This miracle could happen only now, in our chaotic historical time.

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Mental Health and Safety Thanks to The Divine Origin of the Unconscious Mind

I had to be a hero if I wanted to escape schizophrenia, instead of becoming schizophrenic like my father. I recognized signs of absurdity in my own behavior when I was a young mother. This is why I desperately looked for psychotherapy through dream translation. I’m very lucky because I found the right treatment. When you translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method you can be sure that you understand God’s words in dreams. This is the best assurance you could have that your safety is guaranteed.

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Alternative Medicine and The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind

The feet in dreams represent our moral principals. They have the same symbolic meaning in our daily reality. I had a terrible pain in my feet because I had to respect my moral principals. This means that my obedience to God’s guidance was not something I should feel proud about. It was basically the result of God’s excellent plan. I was practically forced to obey the unconscious mind without objections. I showed you all the details of my life and research so that you could verify that my life story was marked by divine intervention.

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