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Alternative Medicine and The Divine Origin of The Unconscious Mind

The feet in dreams represent our moral principals. They have the same symbolic meaning in our daily reality. I had a terrible pain in my feet because I had to respect my moral principals. This means that my obedience to God’s guidance was not something I should feel proud about. It was basically the result of God’s excellent plan. I was practically forced to obey the unconscious mind without objections. I showed you all the details of my life and research so that you could verify that my life story was marked by divine intervention.

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Heath – Mental Illnesses and Physical Diseases You Can Prevent through Dream Therapy

I’ve helped numerous people through dream translation. I’ve also learned the dreams of many people who relate them to me, without following dream therapy. I can tell you that whenever someone has recurring dreams, the problems they face a certain day are really unbearable. Besides indicating future mental illnesses or diseases, recurring dreams can also indicate other misfortunes, like being betrayed by someone you trust, or losing someone you love.

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Evolution Theory and the Cure of Diseases that Cannot Be Cured, Like Cancer

Diseases that have no cure, like cancer, can be miraculously cured if the patient follows the directions given to him or her in his dreams. Depending on his dedication, he will be able to overcome everything, understand why he had to pass through suffering, and how he can find peace, health and happiness.

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