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The Difference Between Sound Mental Health And Absurdity

Human beings are natural actors. We can hide our absurdity, and we can pretend to be reasonable in numerous circumstances. However, if someone could observe and analyze our behavior in all moments of our lives and also read our minds, they would surely conclude that we are absurd. We merely pretend to be reasonable in our social environment, but we show our absurdity to those who depend on us. We are absurd in our private moments.

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The Difference Between The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation and False Methods

The wisdom contained in the dream images is extraordinary. You can perceive that the unconscious messages are superior because they are not the result of human suppositions. The unconscious words enlighten your existence. You understand what is happening to you. You understand what to do in order to solve your problems. I will give you an example from a dream dreamt by one of my patients. She follows the unconscious guidance with gratitude. This is why she is evolving day by day.

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