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Are You Violent? A Definition of Violence and Peace

You know that violence is something bad, but you are used with the absurd mindset of the modern civilization. You theoretically condemn violence. On the other hand, you are induced to believe that the violent heroes who kill the gangsters in various movies are admirable heroes you should imitate. You applaud those who use violence against violence. You are induced to admire the violent world leaders. You are induced to believe that you need military protection in order to preserve peace in your country.

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Are You Neurotic? A Definition That Will Surprise You

No matter how many justifications for showing abnormal behavior ‘you’ may find (because you are under the influence of your anti-conscience) your absurd behavior will never stop being absurd. If you want to be a balanced human being, you have to be a sensible and sensitive creature who is not afraid of being considered crazy by the world. You may believe that the world cannot understand your ideas; the world cuts the wings of your imagination, and so on. This is true, but only up to a certain point.

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