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How is a Mental Illness Cured through Dream Interpretation? The Unconscious Wisdom

The effect that your dreams have in your psychological system is tremendous, even when you cannot understand the meaning of dreams. The projection of dream images is not made by chance. Your dreams follow a logical sequence very well organized because they have a specific purpose. Their production is based on eliminating the absurdity of your anti-conscience. When you learn the dream language based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and you can clearly understand the meaning of the dream images, you are truly enlightened.

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How is a Mental Illness Cured through Dream Translation?

A dead person in dreams represents a dead part of the dreamer’s personality. We can understand that due to the sad experiences that this dreamer had in the past, a positive part of her personality has died. Without treatment, the hatred accumulated in her psyche will be transformed into a mental illness. She must analyze her past again and understand many things that she couldn’t understand before in order to prevent a mental illness, or in order to cure a mental illness already formed.

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Depression Treatment Based on Dream Translation – The Dog in Dreams

Everybody finds their mental and physical health, their peace of mind and their happiness thanks to the unconscious’ wisdom, always feeling grateful for having the possibility to be in contact with this precious knowledge thanks to the accurate translation of their dreams.

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