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How to Know If You Need Psychological Counseling

The unconscious mind protects the human side of our conscience from the anti-conscience’s attacks, and helps our human conscience win the battle against the primitive conscience we have inherited in our brain and psyche. The anti-conscience belongs to us, but its personality is abnormal. We have to transform the absurd tendencies we have inherited because of the anti-conscience, into human behavior. In other words, we cannot kill our wild side. We must transform it into human consciousness.

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Anxiety and Depression Help – Support and Counseling by Analyzing Your Subconscious Mind

By understanding the wise messages of the unconscious mind in your dreams, you will be able to eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience and stop living in constant anxiety; finding peace and happiness through the transformation of your personality. You will also see many changes happening in your daily life that will give you more courage, and open a new horizon before your eyes. You won’t even notice exactly when your depression will disappear because you’ll be excited learning so many things about you, your psyche, your life, and also about the entire world.

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Counseling and Psychotherapy for Parents – Prevent Teen Depression and Aggressive Behavior

As a conscious parent, you must learn how to translate your dreams, and show to your partner how to do the same so that you both may become balanced parents. By setting the example you’ll be able to give your children the right education and help them understand the unconscious messages. This is also how they will eliminate the dangerous influence of their anti-conscience without ever passing through mental illnesses, while they are still young.

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