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A Coincidence That Proves God’s Existence and Carl Jung’s Brilliant Discoveries

Exactly when I concluded that we must obey the unconscious guidance in dreams instead of doing what our conscience desires, the unconscious mind obliged me to obey a very difficult guidance. This was a shocking guidance, but it happened exactly when I made a shocking scientific discovery: the biggest part of the human brain belongs to the anti-conscience. This means that we are absurd and evil from birth. Now you can understand the importance of the Catholic and Orthodox baptism. Now you can also understand why I was so obedient.

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Synchronicity: An Intriguing Coincidence and Its Meaning

While I was still very shocked, my mother called me up. She woke up in the middle of the night like me, because she had a nightmare too! My mother dreamt that one of her friends, who had recently died, was calling her up, and telling her to live with her. She remembered that her friend was dead. Therefore, she refused to accept the invitation. My mother woke up frightened like me.

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