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Healing The Mind, Body and Spirit through Dream Translation

The impression that the material reality is the only one you should care about is based on human ignorance. The same way that our ancestors couldn’t protect themselves from various diseases because they ignored the existence of bacteria (which is not visible to the human eye without a microscope) you cannot protect yourself from various invisible dangers because you cannot see them. The fact that you cannot see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

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Health and Wellness – How to Know What is Good for Your Mind and Body

The unconscious mind sends you physical diseases when you have a negative attitude, in order to prevent you from doing what will cause suffering in the future. You can prevent all diseases if you follow the unconscious guidance in dreams; like a good student. You can also find your health if you are already sick. Everything depends on your attitude. If you are an obedient student who follows the lessons you receive, you will be cured.

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How to Heal Your Body and Spirit while You Develop Mind Control

You’ll discover spiritual salvation after taming your wild nature and transforming it into human nature, besides discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. This is how you are going to heal your spirit from wickedness, violence, immorality, cowardice and indifference.

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Cancer Cure through Dream Translation – Psychotherapy and Support in Your Dreams

A physical disease tries to prevent you from losing your mental health, which is more important for you than your physical health.

Of course, you need physical health too, and you will have it, but once you pay attention to what could provoke you a serious mental illness, and you transform your personality.

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