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Why Are You Bipolar?

You can trust the effectiveness and the safety of dream therapy based on the scientific method because God helps you eliminate the root cause of your mental health problems. God surely knows how to help you eliminate your anti-conscience and find balance, either you have bipolar I or bipolar II disorder. By following the guidance you have in your dreams you will stop being tormented by incomprehensible mood swings. All mental health problems and unbearable symptoms are eliminated when you have the right behavior, and God shows you the behavior you must have.

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment through Dream Analysis

I saw that the anti-conscience is too powerful. It is our animal personality, which is still alive inside us. The anti-conscience is our other self, our animal and evil self, which is totally selfish, absurd, cruel, indifferent, and superficial. The anti-conscience is everyone’s second personality, but it can also be multiplied into numerous different personalities. Some people are more influenced or controlled by their anti-conscience, and this is why they suffer from bipolar disorder or from another mental disorder.

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Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder – Safe Treatment through Dream Translation

Depending on the degree of domination of the anti-conscience into someone’s conscious field, they will suffer from a different mental disorder or mental illness. Manic depression or bipolar disorder is only one mental disorder among an infinite list of mental disorders, which are all generated by the craziness of the anti-conscience. Now that this mystery was solved, we can cure individuals who suffer from manic depression by eliminating their anti-conscience through consciousness. This is done through dream translation.

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