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Do You Believe in God? The Truth About The Human Nature

The divine unconscious mind works like a natural psychotherapist. All dreams help us fight absurdity and evolve. If you still doubt that God exists or if want to complain about something, you can directly talk to God through dream messages. However, you should understand that you are not having the right attitude. If you don’t believe in God this is because you didn’t have real proof of His existence in the superficial world. If you are revolted with God’s decisions this is because you cannot see what is happening inside your own brain, or inside the brain of those who are around you.

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Should You Believe in The Meaning of Dreams? The Seriousness of The Scientific Translations

The light in dreams represents the truth when it comes from the sun. When the light comes from a candle this truth is based on the hope in salvation. The candle is a pray. Its limited light is hoping for salvation in the darkness. The truth that comes from the light of a candle doesn’t have a general form. It’s not a truth about various different matters. It is a truth related to the hope in salvation. Therefore, a lantern protects the hope in salvation.

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Can You Believe in The Meaning of Dreams? Safe Dream Translations

You verify that you are always protected thanks to the unconscious guidance because you are saved from trouble numerous times. You recognize your salvation when you see many unexpected problems happening in your reality, and you remember that you could avoid being in a bad situation only because you had a dream warning about this matter. The unconscious mind doesn’t let you fall into hidden traps. You can trust the information you have in dreams more than you can trust any information that comes from ignorant and selfish human minds.

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