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The Real Meaning of Dreams and Their Basic Importance

You are helped by the divine unconscious mind in your dreams. You have information about what your anti-conscience is doing. This way, you can avoid its traps, and control your behavior. You, the human being concentrated into the human side of your brain must tame the wild monster you come from, and transform this beast into a wise human being. This is a difficult mission. Your anti-conscience is strong and evil like a shark. You have to fight its absurdity like a hero.

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Overcoming Depression – Three Basic Steps Towards Recovery

Nothing is easy but dream therapy can help. After passing through all the necessary adventures, joys and tribulations in your life, the results will be extraordinary. You will transform your personality and become a mature human being. You will understand the real meaning of life. You will know and understand much more than you do today, reaching levels of enlightenment that you cannot imagine.

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Basic Dream Interpretation – Different Types of Dreams

All dreams have a protective function. The unconscious mind that produces them sends warnings, information and guidance to your human conscience, so that it may avoid the traps of the anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is the wild side of your conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. It keeps trying to destroy the human side of your conscience through absurdity, so that it may control your behavior. This is why most dream symbols indicate danger.

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