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The Interpretation of Dreams and The Importance of Your Attitude

You should be humble and recognize the superiority of the unconscious mind. Instead of disagreeing with the unconscious criticism, you should look for the reasons why you are making mistakes, and stop doing what is negative for you. This is how you will become a wise person and progressively evolve, without wasting your time with numerous warnings about the same mistakes. You will feel glad later, when you’ll correct all mistakes and always have a wise attitude.

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Dreams’ Meaning and Your Attitude – Should You Trust Dream Messages and Their Warnings?

You are imperfect and ignorant. You have to develop your intelligence through dream therapy. You must also get rid of the influence of your anti-conscience, the wild and absurd side of your conscience. You should have the humble attitude of a patient who understands that psychotherapy is necessary. Instead of demanding quick answers, you must learn how to pay attention to all the details in your life. You are trapped in the mindset of our current civilization, and this is why you are always rushed and pressed for time.

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Dream Interpretation: Science and New Attitude To All Life Challenges

You learn how to control your behavior, without letting your primitive self dominate your thoughts and alter your attitude while you face all challenges of life. This means that you become a wise human being that is never dominated by anger, and that you build a really unique personality thanks to the development of your intelligence.

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