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God’s Existence – How to Stop Being an Atheist

When the anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience there is no way we can escape from craziness. The anti-conscience provokes dizziness, fainting, horrible feelings and sensations, visual and oral distortions and hallucinations. It also sends many absurd thoughts to our human conscience, without stopping. The anti-conscience is an invincible enemy. This is why severe mental illnesses cannot be cured. I was miraculously cured only because I obeyed the unconscious mind.

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Are You An Atheist? Understanding God’s Words through Dream Translation

I didn’t want to be a hero. However, I understood that I had to be very obedient if I wanted to recuperate my sensitivity and stop having repetitive thoughts of revenge that I could not control. I saw that I really was an insensitive monster who would torture everyone around me, the same way that my schizophrenic father used to torture those who depended on him. I had to continue Carl Jung’s research not only because I had to be cured. I also had to simplify the dream language, and:

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