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How To Evolve Without Limits

Many people tend to repeat the same mistakes all their lives without changing their behavior because they don’t pay attention to all dangers, even after having traumatic experiences. They don’t remember their past as it really was. So, they have the same reactions and they repeat the same mistakes of the past as if they had never had any bitter experience by being the way they are.

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A Bitter Recognition And A Brilliant Alternative

We are controlled by our anti-conscience when we accept its absurd ideas. The anti-conscience takes the place of our human conscience. In other words, we think like a prehistoric man. Now that you have this knowledge, you can understand why you must follow dream therapy. This is a necessity, even if you don’t believe you have psychological problems.

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A New Alternative at Your Disposal Thanks to Dream Therapy

You cannot recognize that you are violent in many points because you believe that this is just a normal way to react before various stimuli. You don’t understand that your explosions of anger and many other negative reactions (which are socially accepted as if they were logical reactions) are reactions that belong to your anti-conscience, and not to your human conscience. In parallel with the terrible news of the crazy world, you are induced to care about finances, humor, shopping, traveling, and forgetting the problems of the world.

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