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What is the Meaning of Dreams? How to Know If Your Interpretations Are Accurate

I had no choice. If I couldn’t win this battle, I would become schizophrenic like my father. Thus, the fact that I managed to continue Jung’s research was not a product of chance. There was a plan behind my existence. Thanks to my discoveries, today we know that all dreams protect us from the anti-conscience’s attacks. The most important of all is that now we can understand the wise messages of the divine unconscious mind, and save our mental health before the anti-conscience will manage to destroy our conscience.

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Dream Interpretation – Real Proofs of How Accurate Your Translations Are With The Scientific Method

The unconscious vision is huge; it sees even what will happen in the future ahead. It shows you things that you cannot see based on your limited vision. It makes different associations when analyzing your past and your present life. It takes different conclusions from the ones you usually take based on the logic you follow when you try to understand something.

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