Synchronicity and Dreaming – Learn Why and When Meaningful Coincidences Happen

3787320470_92985ae051_mSynchronicity is a phenomenon that was observed by the psychiatrist Carl Jung. It represents a coincidence that has an important meaning. This coincidence indicates that the person who experiences it must pay attention to the mistakes that he or she is making in order to avoid serious future problems.

The scientific explanation for the existence of a meaning in coincidences that don’t happen by chance, is the fact that there is a purpose in our existence. There is a law that predetermines the future development of reality. It is based on our necessity to eliminate the wild side of our conscience.

We must get rid of the violent, immoral and absurd tendencies imposed by the anti-conscience which is our wild conscience. Only after eliminating the negative content we have inherited, will we be able to live peacefully and happily.

Through dreaming we understand how to eliminate the dangerous influence of the anti-conscience that keeps trying to control our behavior. We understand also the meaning of synchronicity, having clear explanations about what must be done when it happens.

Using an example of synchronicity from my own life, I can mention the appearance of a big spider in the house I was hosted in on one of my trips to Brazil. I had also dreamt about a spider the previous night. Thanks to the symbolism represented by the spider, I understood that besides trying to find financial support for a boy who needed psychological treatment, I had also to convince him to accept psychotherapy. This was a very important mission because his psychological world was severely damaged.

The spider indicates hidden dangers that must be prevented on time. I thought I had managed to prevent a mental illness for insisting that this boy needed psychological treatment. I asked his godmother to pay for his psychotherapy, since his father was totally indifferent to his destiny. She agreed, and the boy agreed on following treatment at least in the beginning. Thus, I thought I had managed to eliminate the danger.

However, I went back to my home in Greece , without being able to follow this case. The boy accepted following psychotherapy for a while, but he abandoned it at a certain point. Therefore, all my attempts were made in vain.

Unfortunately, the synchronicity symbolized by the appearance of the spider in my dream and in my daily life could not prevent this boy from suffering from schizophrenia in the future. He needed to be very careful, and not abandon the treatment like he did.

This example shows you how important the phenomenon of synchronicity is. Whenever a very meaningful coincidence happens in your life, you must be very careful and try to understand what must be done so that you may avoid tragedies.

Synchronicity usually happens when we have a very important dream and when we observe a coincidence in our daily lives that confirm the importance of this dream. Also, it can happen with meaningful facts, even when we don’t remember our dreams. However, the explanation about what we have to do in order to eliminate the danger represented by synchronicity is given only through dream messages.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is our natural doctor and protector. By following the unconscious guidance, we learn how to eliminate what is negative and prevent all misfortunes.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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