Psychology Study – The Advantages of Dream Analysis and Therapy

2968056082_e0da9f4f44_mOnly the psychiatrist Carl Jung could discover the hidden meaning of dreams, as recent scientific discoveries have confirmed. However, humanity still ignores the importance of dreams.

The continuation of Jung’s research showed us that the basic intention of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is to protect our mental health from the dangerous influence of our wild conscience. The anti-conscience, our primitive conscience, which didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience, keeps interfering in our thoughts and behavior, in order to destroy our human conscience through mental illnesses and mental disorders.

Any psychology study based on dream analysis will provide important information about the mental stability of all dreamers and the influence of the anti-conscience in their behavior.

By analyzing a dream collection composed of various dreams from the same dreamer during a certain period of time, we will understand the causes of all the psychological problems that are provoking abnormal behavior and alterations in the dreamer’s personality.

All dream images contain precious unconscious messages, which are hidden from the anti-conscience. We must study the symbolic dream language, so that we may discover these hidden messages. They are like a second picture in the background of a simple image. The background picture reflects the content of the dreamer’s psyche.

Whenever we encounter a repetition of dream scenes in a dream collection, we understand that the dreamer has an important obligation to fulfill. As long as the obligation is not fulfilled and the dreamer continues to procrastinate, the dreams will persist. Recurring dreams predict future suffering for dreamers who neglect their obligations. These obligations are always related to the transformation of their personality.

Many people experience recurring dreams because they cannot stop repeating the same mistakes, and the unconscious mind keeps trying to alarm them. Depending on their psychological type, they will use only one of their four psychological functions when trying to solve their problems. This means that they will be slaves of rationalism if they belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, or they will be slaves of their feelings, sensations or intuitions if their psychological type is based in one of these psychological functions. Therefore, they will completely ignore the aspects of reality that cannot be perceived when we don’t use all the psychological functions we have at our disposal.

In order to find a psychological balance we have to equally develop all our psychological functions. This is how we will be able to analyze all details of reality and make wise decisions. Through dream therapy we learn how to develop the atrophied psychological functions repressed by our main psychological function. This means that if we only used our ideas because we belonged to a psychological type based on thoughts, we must now also learn how to pay attention to the way we feel, to what we can sense, and to what we can guess about the reality we observe using all the senses and psychological processes available to us.

The atrophied psychological functions in the conscious field, belong to the anti-conscience. In other words, they didn’t pass through the process of consciousness, and still remain in a primitive condition. The unconscious mind shows us in dream messages how we can gradually transform the violent reactions of our atrophied psychological functions into wise human behavior.

Another very important advantage of dream analysis is the fact that we can discover any mystery by translating the meaning of our dreams. The unconscious mind will clarify in dream images any obscure hypothesis or false impressions that generated wrong conclusions and strange life situations.

A psychology study based on dream analysis will enlighten us, showing us truths that would remain ignored forever without the information found in the dream symbols. We only have to learn the symbolic dream language and regularly translate the meaning of our dreams in order to reap all the benefits offered by the wisdom contained in the dream messages.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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