Sudden Summer Vacations

3886777866_1582fc7d7a_mI’m still in Athens, but I have to stop writing my regular articles because I’m hosting Brazilian friends who came to Greece. I have to spend some time with them. Later I may travel too, but I don’t know exactly when.

I have also to give support to an old patient, who needs my attention right now. I want to help him, and I need to devote special time to his case.

My laptop follows me everywhere, but I don’t know when I’ll have time to write an article for you, being as busy as I am.

You could spend your time rereading my old articles. This is a good opportunity for studies, and all my articles are real lessons.

You won’t absorb much by only reading my articles one time. It takes several readings to absorb this new material. Go back to my most important articles, reread them. Relate these articles to other ones you have read and understood. Apply the knowledge you gain from these lessons to the dreams you have written in your dream journal. Then translate your own dreams.

You may not be able to translate everything if your dreams are very long, but at least you’ll understand their basic meaning.

All the best!

Christina Sponias

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