The Power of Dreams and Consciousness – How to Attain a Superior Level of Knowledge

2892634916_58e42ca01b_mYou must learn how to translate your own dreams according to the scientific method in order to discover their power.

Dream interpretation based on scientific translations is pure psychotherapy, besides being a tool that gives you information about everything that is important to you to know.

The dream language is made with images and scenes. Once you learn how it works you start having a direct communication with the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

The unconscious mind will correct your attitude when you are wrong, and show you how to avoid trouble. You’ll discover the solution for all problems, and a lot more.

The biggest power contained in the dream messages is the power to transform you into a wise human being who never makes mistakes. When you take dream interpretation seriously, you attain a higher level of knowledge.

Right now you are using only a tiny portion of your brain, which has passed through the process of consciousness and has human characteristics. The biggest part of your brain remains in a primitive condition, which nevertheless has the ability to evoke mental illnesses within your conscious mind.

Consciousness is a process that awakens you, showing you the meaning of life and the meaning of your actions. You understand what is good and what is bad, in every facet of your life.

The more you care about the meaning of your dreams, more you’ll discover about yourself and about the world around you. This way you will acquire a higher level of consciousness.

Dream interpretation is a bridge that transports you from the limited mindset of your time and civilization to the eternal unconscious wisdom. The vision you’ll have about the world and about humanity as a whole, will be totally different from the narrow vision you have now.

You’ll also pass through a process of spiritual transformation, understanding the meaning of religiosity.

All religions were created by the same God in order to transform our violent animal nature into our sensitive human nature.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a bridge between science and religion that shows you how to attain spiritual perfection after passing through psychotherapy.

All religions are important. They all reveal a part of the complex truth about the origin of humanity, the meaning of life, and the meaning of death.

After getting rid of your negative tendencies and attaining spiritual perfection you’ll begin a new and meaningful life.

Your new life will be creative, because you’ll live free from mistakes and regret.

You’ll become an artist, discovering hidden capacities in your psyche, which you have never used before. These capacities belonged to the wild side of your conscience and you had no idea that they were components of your personality. This means that you may suddenly discover that you have an extraordinary talent for drawing for example, or that you are a great musician.

You’ll become another person far superior from the person you are now. All your words and actions will reflect your superiority; you’ll be always respected and admired by everyone.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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