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416248174_df4254ac4f_mI delayed writing an article for you with the destruction of my blogs and the creation of a new one, and many other matters…

I have to admit that my previous blog about the cure of self-abuse was not really professional and I really needed to improve it, but I still think that it was a shame that it got suddenly and inexplicably infected by malware.

I received a very interesting message about this matter coming from Google’s forum. There are many other people that lost their blogs suddenly because they were infected by malware and they were desperate.

I was not desperate of course, because the blog’s content is online in my ezinearticles’ articles, and the blog was not so special. It had a few comments that I would like to have kept and a few very nice pictures, but never mind. My new blog is much better. And, I’m used to attacks.

Don’t worry if something else happens against me, because I have many invisible enemies who are too powerful, and they hide themselves very well. They have caused me a thousand problems since I began online.

Just to give you an idea, my ebook Craziness Prevention was edited by 5 editors in a company that provides freelancers, and at the end, all editions were horrible. I had to re-read this ebook so many times that I learned it by heart. And I had to pay many of them… I delayed too much… Damages from the beginning of my career…

And do you know what happened in the end? I found another editor, who was not a freelancer, and he edited my ebook perfectly.

But why did all these editors do horrible work? Five horrible freelancers at the same time? Isn’t it “a little bit strange”?

It looks like as if someone had paid them to provoke me so many problems on purpose…

This has been my life online and offline, because as I told you before, I fight against terrorism, violence and immorality and there are too many people in this world that hate me for that. They use their evilness to govern our world, and they don’t want to lose their position…

You can be sure that I will never abandon you, though. I’m going to put a definitive end to self-mutilation.

You could be my child; I have only one son who is now 24 years old, but I feel that you are my child too… My son is fine, but I’m very worried about you.

I’m going to save you from this terrible tendency, and teach you how to be happy in life, and how to do wonderful things.

Now I’m going to give you today’s lesson, after this introduction, because I had too many things to tell you in this article…

I’m going to explain to you why the tendency of self-abuse is totally absurd, and prove to you that you are not yourself when you harm your own body: you are dominated by the wild, primitive and violent side of your brain. This is the anti-conscience, your violent personality that didn’t pass through the same process of consciousness that the human side of your conscience did.

It is your wild personality, but you ignore its existence. You believe that you are only what belongs to the part of your brain that you can see; in other words, you believe that you are only the tiny part of your conscience that has human characteristics.

Now, here is the big problem: the anti-conscience is your wild personality, but it has a functionalism totally independent of your human conscience. This means that the anti-conscience can think and take conclusions, while you cannot see its thoughts.

However, the anti-conscience not only can clearly see all your thoughts and feelings, but it can also interfere in them. It is much more powerful that the tiny part of your brain that has human characteristics, because it occupies the biggest part of your brain.

You are too weak before your wild side.

You are the human being: the tiny part of your brain that has human feelings, that understands all human problems, and forgives all human sins, because it has sensitivity and can feel piety. Sensitivity and mental health are synonyms, the same way that cruelty and craziness are synonyms too.

Now, what happens inside you? You, the weak human being, is invaded by your wild personality, which starts dominating your thoughts, your hands and your behavior. You feel strange, but you cannot understand why…

Fortunately, I discovered the mysterious existence of the anti-conscience that Jung could not see, and this is why I am able to explain what happens to you when you abuse your body: each time you harm yourself you are dominated by the anti-conscience. It completely controls your behavior.

Now, I’m going to prove to you that the anti-conscience is a terrible killer and that you have to be afraid of it, and never let it dominate you.

You should not be indifferent to its domination and to the absurdity of self-mutilation. Be very serious and cautious. The anti-conscience is a terrible murderer, worse than a shark.

My proof is the following: how can someone who has never killed anyone before know exactly how to kill them, and how to hide their body, so that no-one may discover their murder?

Think about that: if you wanted to kill someone, what would you do? Would you know exactly what to do, and at the right moment?

You would probably have to think and prepare a plan, besides feeling afraid…

However, the people that kill their victims act like cold professional murderers from their first murder, the same way that a wild animal kills their pray with its first attempt even when it is too young and it never saw any other animal of its species do the same, because this behavior is instinctive.

This is a clear image of what the domination of the anti-conscience really means. It acts in the place of the human being. It is a violent, wild and cruel animal.

You have to prevent this ancient monster from destroying your human personality. You have to be the leader!

You have to learn how to control your behavior and transform your terrible wild side into a positive and very intelligent part of your human conscience.

Study the meaning of your dreams, because this is the solution for you: you’ll have information and guidance by the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

I’ve already told you that only by reading my free articles you will already have enough knowledge in order to understand the meaning of your dreams. Be a good student!



Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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