Counseling and Psychotherapy for Parents – Prevent Teen Depression and Aggressive Behavior

3811212691_77ed94e7a6_mThe scientific method of dream interpretation proves to the world that there is a wiser brain, far superior than our under-developed human brain that produces our dreams and sends us wise messages in the symbolic form of dream images.

By following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in your own dreams, you can solve all your problems, overcome all mental illnesses, find your physical health, and yet, help other people find their health and happiness like you.

You can mainly help your children prevent all mental illnesses before they become depressed teens or before they show aggressive behavior, resting assured that they will be able to keep their mental health for life. This means that they will become happy teens and adults, and you won’t have to bear the conflicts common to most families.

Most people ignore how all mental illnesses are provoked, even though the scientific method of dream interpretation has already proved to the world that all mental illnesses are originated in the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that lives in a primitive condition, without any evolution. The anti-conscience is not a fossil, but a very active part of our personality, even though we cannot perceive its influence.

It is our primitive self, which keeps trying to destroy the human side of our conscience in order to control our behavior because it wants to be only a violent animal, disrespecting human rules.

Therefore, if we want to live free from all mental illnesses, we have to eliminate the poisonous influence of our wild, violent, and immoral primitive side.

This can be done through dream interpretation because the unconscious messages provide counseling and psychotherapy to our human conscience.

As a conscious parent, you must learn how to translate your dreams, and show to your partner how to do the same so that you both may become balanced parents.

By setting the example you’ll be able to give your children the right education and help them understand the unconscious messages.

This is also how they will eliminate the dangerous influence of their anti-conscience without ever passing through mental illnesses, while they are still young.

They will build a strong and self-confident personality besides becoming very intelligent, since their wild side will be tamed and transformed into a positive component of their human conscience.

This means that they will use all their capacities and acquire complete consciousness, becoming sensitive human beings who will behave with serenity, compassion, and wisdom in all occasions.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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