Dream Interpretation – Dreams About Bees

3243156625_13bcb7b6ea_mBees are very dangerous insects that can bite your skin, provoking serious infections, and this is why their meaning in dreams is negative.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams sends you many hidden messages in a symbolic form, so that you may be able to fight against the wild side of your conscience, which is violent and immoral like all wild animals, and lives trying to control your behavior.

When you see bees in your dreams, this means that the unconscious mind is showing you that you are being dominated by anger because the anti-conscience, your wild conscience, is influencing your behavior.

You should never become angry for any reason. Anger is a violent reaction that characterizes all wild animals. However, you are not only an animal, but a human being. You can learn how to tame your wild nature, without passing through a nervous explosion each time that someone upsets you, and without showing violent behavior.

If you live under situations full of tension, you’ll tend to live in an irritated way, transmitting the tension that characterizes your life to the other people around you, and thus, creating conflicts that will make you become even angrier.

The bees in your dreams are showing you that your behavior must be controlled independently of the conditions of your life, because if you keep being dominated by anger, you may easily acquire a serious mental illness, and then everything will be even more difficult for you.

The unconscious mind will show you how to calm down, as well as how to transform the conditions of your life, so that you may stop living under tension.

If you see many bees in a dream, their presence is alarming. Anger is a very destructive energy that could make you act with cruelty against others, and do things that later you’ll regret having done.

Even a single bee in a dream represents great danger, because anger is always destructive, even if it doesn’t characterize your behavior most of the time.

It can make you destroy in only a second everything that you had built with courage over entire years, or it can make you show aggressiveness against innocent people, because it completely ruins your sensitivity, and your capacity to think logically.

When you are angry you are aggressive with everyone, and not only with the people who made you suffer. As a matter of fact, many times you cannot show your anger to the people who provoked it for many reasons, and you’ll tend to be offensive against everyone else, as if they were responsible for the way you feel.

You should write down your dreams everyday, and translate them according to the scientific method. The unconscious mind will send you many dream messages that will help you overcome your anger for good.

You’ll learn how to be always balanced and calm, even when you are offended or unfairly treated. Your peace of mind won’t depend on external factors, but only on your psychical harmony.


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