The Meaning Of Devalued Scientific Discoveries

DreamWhenever someone discovers something that is unpleasant and goes against many other people’s financial interests, they have to face their angry competitors and the devaluation caused by distortions and lack of seriousness.

This was what happened with the brilliant work of Konrad Lorenz and his remarkable discoveries.

He discovered that there are behavioral patterns that predetermine the animal behavior, and this is why all animals are able to survive in a dangerous environment where they have many natural enemies, even before being taught by their parents. They know how to protect themselves and how to get their prey.

Even the animals that learn how to hunt thanks to their mother’s guidance are able to do so because they are programmed to have the right behavior.

Lorenz’s work was devalued because it indicated that there is a creator who created and organized all behavioral programs, and because it also showed us that we follow many behavioral programs like all animals, while we believe that we act based on our own decisions.

Until today many people defend Charles Darwin outdated theory of evolution, which contains with numerous flaws that became obvious thanks to various scientific discoveries in numerous fields, because atheists like to believe that there is no God. They still defend Darwin’s theory as if it was based on real discoveries and not on his suppositions because this theory helps them supposedly show to the world that we don’t need a God.

Can we believe that migratory birds that are able to fly long distances when the season changes even when they are only 2-months-old, and are able to find exactly the ideal place for them far away, in a place they had never been before, and are also able to go back to the place where they were before traveling when the weather changes again are following this complex process by chance?

Lorenz showed us that these animals were programmed to have this behavior.

If we will observe every peculiarity in the life and the development of every animal we cannot but conclude that it was created by a genius and artist.

Why did God create such a complex planet like ours, with so many different animal and vegetable species?

And why do all animals have natural enemies instead of living peacefully and happily?

God was trying to achieve an impossible goal. All animals reflect our behavior and give us numerous lessons.

We are dangerous predators who have no human feelings. We merely pretend to be human because we are excellent actors.

We pretend to be good because we want to mislead those who are around us in order to have various advantages and spread terror everywhere, but we believe that we merely want to be happy. Our dangerous intention is hidden from our conscience. This intention comes from our self-destructive anti-conscience. It is not a conscious decision.

We have to stop being evil demons that act like wild animals, and become perfect human beings who act based on goodness and wisdom.

We are programmed to have the behavior of demons because the biggest part of our brain belongs to our satanic anti-conscience. This program was not created by God. It is the result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience that appeared in the universe.

God created animals that follow the same behavioral patterns and imitate the behavior of the anti-conscience in order to give us real examples.

I had this information in dreams and I related it to the scientific discoveries that happened in the end of the 20th century, when I was making my research.

Most scientists are atheists because science is systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. There is no scientific method for the observation of the spiritual reality.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is a scientific way to translate the meaning of the symbolic dream messages, based on arduous research and numerous comparisons.

This method proves that God is the dream producer.

Thanks to my obedience to the guidance I had in my dreams, I could discover that Satan occupies the biggest part of the human brain and generates terrible mental illnesses within our tiny human conscience. This was a very painful scientific discovery, which also had a religious importance.

The first thing I thought after discovering this tragic truth was “how would I be able to prove something like that to the atheistic world?”

The fact that we are demons with a tiny conscience that must be developed is more than terrible. There is nothing really human in the human race. This is a tragic truth.

However, my work has a positive meaning for humanity. Now that we know that Satan lives in our brain we will protect our conscience and eliminate all mental illnesses.

Now we have a way to avoid suffering, since we can understand God’s explanations and lessons in our dreams. So, we will do what will help us eliminate our anti-conscience and develop our conscience.

I found explanations and answers for many mysteries that couldn’t be comprehended before because I had to help you understand the importance of God’s wisdom.

My work is scientific, but also religious because God is the dream producer. Your dreams help you understand and accept the lessons you have in your religion. God’s mental health treatment is based on the purification of your spirit.

Satan’s existence is a tragedy, but God is your private therapist. He can transform you into a brilliant human being if you will obey His guidance in your dreams.

Now that I simplified and clarified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation you will easily learn the dream language and have a direct communication with God. This is an advantage that will completely change your life.

God will transform you into a special person, and you will do something special to save the world from craziness and terror.

Carl Jung’s Method Of Dream Interpretation

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is another scientific discovery devalued by financial interests. Most people don’t want to believe that dreams contain wise messages that must be respected.

The meaning of dreams was more than devalued with time. Too many impostors declare that they are able to understand the meaning of dreams, while their interpretations are based on their suppositions.

Carl Jung was the only one who managed to discover the meaning of God’s symbolic language in dreams because he looked for this meaning as an archaeologist.

He respected the scientific method during his investigation. My work proves this fact to the world. If his method was not able to translate God’s words in dreams, I wouldn’t be able to continue his research by obeying the guidance I had in my dreams.

I was too young and ignorant to be able to continue the complicated research of a psychiatrist and psychologist with he knowledge I had. My discoveries were in fact revelations, since they were not based on my personal speculations.

Nothing happens by chance in our planet, which was specially created in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a human conscience like the tiny conscience we receive from God.

Everything is very meaningful. This is why we can have information about our reality and the future by translating the meaning of facts that happen in our daily life, the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, thanks to the dream language.

We need information and protection all the time because we are in a dangerous world ruled by Satan. Everyone’s anti-conscience is a terrible demon, and the world is ruled by most people’s anti-conscience.

Carl Jung discovered the unconscious psychotherapy in the dream messages, and I confirmed the value of the unconscious treatment in dreams with my work and my discoveries, after continuing his research, proving that God is everyone’s doctor, since He is the dream producer.

Our dreams reflect what is happening in our psyche, what is happening in the world, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. Dreams provide us with natural psychotherapy because we need a mental health treatment in order to stop being absurd and evil.

We receive in a natural way the treatment we must follow while we are sleeping, the same way that everything in our organism is regulated in order to automatically function in a perfect way.

God created everything in a perfect way in order to correct our evil anti-conscience. This is a courageous attempt because our anti-conscience doesn’t want to stop being evil, violent, and immoral.

Since it can think by itself, it makes its own conclusions. The anti-conscience is idiotic, absurd, evil, and self-destructive, but it insists on being the way it is. It doesn’t want to learn anything new.

Since we inherit an anti-conscience and we are able to think, we have the same stubborn attitude. We don’t want to change.

Our tiny human conscience can be developed only when we obey God’s guidance and we do what helps us evolve.

Otherwise, we are victims of our anti-conscience, which generates terrible mental disorders within our conscience with the intention to eliminate our capacity to think logically and control our behavior.

Carl Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience, but he knew that craziness was inherited. He was afraid of the absurd content he found in the human psyche, and this is why he stopped his research at a certain point, accepting ignorance. He understood that it was very dangerous to keep looking for answers in a psyche where he could find craziness.

He was right for being afraid because the anti-conscience is a powerful demon. It generates so many unbearable symptoms (like blackouts, panic attacks, and hallucinations) that it manages to easily destroy our conscience.

In order to stop being tormented by these horrible symptoms we have to follow the guidance we have in our dreams.

We have in fact to prevent having these symptoms by eliminating our anti-conscience before it will manage to destroy a big portion of our conscience and become so powerful.

Now that we have this knowledge we will eliminate all mental illnesses. Satan will stop tormenting the human race and humanity will triumph.

We will discover how to live well and how to get prepared for our life after death.

Invincible mental illnesses, incurable diseases, poverty, crimes, wars, and all the horrors of the world will disappear.

The meaning of dreams will save humanity because this is part of God’s plan for the elimination of terror.

The Fine-Tuned Universe

Another scientific discovery devalued by financial interests is the fine-tuned universe.

Fine-tuning refers to the surprising precision of nature’s physical constants and the beginning state of the universe. Both of these features converge as potential pointers to a Creator. To explain the present state of the universe, scientific theories require that the physical constants of nature — like the strength of gravity — and the beginning state of the Universe — like its density — have extremely precise values. The slightest variation from their actual values results in an early universe that never becomes capable of hosting life. For this reason, the universe seems finely-tuned for life.”

We can see through many ways that the extraordinary preparation and organization of the universe and our planet with a big variety of animal and vegetable species must have been prepared, created, and organized by God, but many people’s financial interests don’t let the world believe that we depend on God.

There are still many people defending atheism, besides all discoveries, because atheism is more convenient for the marketers who decide how the world must function. The world leaders don’t let the population understand the real meaning of various scientific discoveries that prove God’s existence because this is bad for their business.

Every scientific discovery depends on the way it is interpreted, used, and remembered by the world in order to be meaningful.

However, the world leaders promote the information that is more convenient for their sales, and not the information that can save the world from misery. There is a big conflict of interests manipulating the information that is transmitted to the world and defended by the big majority.

I already showed you how the propaganda of powerful corporations is manipulating our population through many ways. We are induced to believe in unreal things because they are presented and defended by influential people as if they were valid.

In order to discover the truth about our reality we have to translate the meaning of our dreams. God uncovers the truth, showing us all the aspects we ignore.

When we analyze the meaning of dreams we understand that the preparation, the creation, and the organization of our planet have a specific purpose because we must be transformed. We have to stop being demons and become perfect human beings. This is a difficult achievement, but it is part of our destiny.

God prepared a complex universe and a complex planet after billions of years of work in order to transform Satan into a human being. He knew that this was an impossible mission, but His calculations helped Him predict that we would be transformed someday.

Now that we know the truth we can speed up this long process. Dream translation is an alternative that helps us save time. We understand what exactly we have to do in order to be transformed the fastest possible.

Warnings In Dreams

Most dreams contain warnings for the dreamer. These warnings protect his mental health and his future, proving that all dreams are produced by an intelligent mind that tries to open our eyes.

Here is an example. This dream was dreamt by a mentally ill man:

R (he started a new life, has a lot of patience with his children) shows me a cell pic of his nephew. The boy was kidnapped. i was dizzy and turning but i was too proud to accept this of me. I hear sirens, a man was working on a construction made of branches. i had put together the construction but didn’t get it tight enough, i was with him for a while when he was working, the constuction fell, and the guy fell very high off the tree. It was dark, he was dead and i saw a blood. There were a lot of people on the street. i was hiding into a corner somewhere in between cars. I saw j ( he is someone rude) but he looked old, with a beard. I went to the right side and saw a street name plate with “single street”. I was looking for the way to that street, i remember I was going to the right, but always ending up on the left.

Dream translation:

R (he started a new life, has a lot of patience with his children) shows me a cell pic of his nephew. The boy was kidnapped.

R represents a mature part of your personality that is patient and is trying to begin a new life thanks to dream therapy.

The cell phone represents a possibility. The cell picture represents a memorization made thanks to certain possibility.

The picture in dreams represents something that belongs to your past, and cannot come back. The picture is the memorization of a past situation or behavior that cannot be part of your life again.

His nephew represents a childish part of your personality.

Therefore, this part of your personality that was patient used a certain possibility to show you that you couldn’t have the immature behavior of a childish part of your personality anymore.

The fact that the boy was kidnapped means that other parts of your personality don’t let this part of your personality survive.

If your ego will be childish like this part of your personality, you will be imprisoned too and you won’t be able to control your behavior.

The patient part of your personality was giving you a valid advice; you had to pay attention to what it was showing you.

i was dizzy and turning but i was too proud to accept this of me.

You were feeling dizzy because you lost the control of your mind and behavior.

However, you didn’t want to admit that you lost control.

This means that you were terrified when you learned that the negative parts of your personality don’t let a childish part of your personality survive. You saw that you had to deal with a terrible reality, and you couldn’t bear it. This is why you were almost fainting.

I hear sirens, a man was working on a construction made of branches.

The sirens represent an important alarm that tries to save you from great danger.

The man represents a mature part of your personality.

The branches of a tree represent support.

The tree in dreams represents an incentive of life, something that makes you want to be alive. The branch is a smaller incentive of life that gives you support.

The construction indicates that something was not ready; it had to be prepared.

In this case it was the preparation of another psyche. Since it is a construction made of branches this means that this mature part of your personality was building your new psyche (new house) based on an incentive of life that was giving you support (the branches).

i had put together the construction but didn’t get it tight enough, i was with him for a while when he was working,

Your ego was responsible for rebuilding your psyche after all the lessons you had through dream translation, but your ego didn’t make a good job with this mature part of your personality.

You were irresponsible and you didn’t care about rebuilding your psyche in a solid basis and in a safe manner.

the constuction fell, and the guy fell very high off the tree.

The fact that you were on the tree building a house means that your ego and this part of your personality are afraid of the world, trying to live in your own world, in an incentive of life.

The fact that the construction fell down indicates great danger. Your fragile psyche fell into the region of your anti-conscience because it was unrealistic.

The fact that this mature part of your personality fell very high from the tree indicates that this part of your personality had a big deception in life (because it was unrealistic).

It was dark, he was dead and i saw a blood.

The fact that it was dark indicates that there are many things that you ignore about yourself and the world.

The fact that this mature part of your personality died after having a big deception means that you are imitating its negative example and you will also have big deceptions in life.

The blood in dreams represents pain. The fact that you saw the blood of this part of your personality means that you understood the suffering of this part of your personality.

There were a lot of people on the street. i was hiding into a corner somewhere in between cars.

These people on the street were various parts of your personality.

The street represents a dangerous place.

The corner hides unexpected dangers.

The cars represent other people’s lives.

Your ego was hiding in a dangerous place where unexpected dangers can happen and trying to find protection behind other people’s lives.

The fact that you were hiding yourself means that your ego had no courage to face your responsibility for the death of the mature part of your personality, which was a victim of your careless work while you were preparing your new psyche.

I saw j ( he is someone rude) but he looked old, with a beard.

J represents a mature and rude part of your personality.

An old man represents a mature part of your personality that repeats the common mistakes and sins of the human race.

The beard represents a disguise; the pretense to be wise.

So, your ego saw a mature and rude part of your personality that was ready to repeat the common mistakes and sins of the human race, but was disguised as if it was wise.

This part of your personality was influencing your behavior. This is why you were false, and you were cowardly hiding behind other people’s lives.

I went to the right side and saw a street name plate with “single street”.

The right side represents the side of your conscience and the unconscious mind.

The street name sign was showing you that you must pay attention to where you are going in life.

The street in dreams represents a dangerous place because you are exposed to many dangers.

The one-way street indicates that it is not a street as dangerous as a two-way street (where cars can travel in both directions). Your ego must follow the “single street”, because it is less dangerous.

This means that you are following dangerous routes in life. You have to avoid dangers instead of being exposed to them.

I was looking for the way to that street, i remember I was going to the right, but always ending up on the left.

Even though your ego understood which direction you should follow in life, you keep doing what your anti-conscience desires, and this is why you always end up on the left side.

In other words, you theoretically understood that you have to be a mature, peaceful, and responsible human being, but into practice you are basically doing what you always do, which is the behavior imposed by your anti-conscience.

You know what is right, but you do what is wrong.

You have to be realistic and stop wanting to be childish. You must change your behavior and tame your anti-conscience. You cannot rebuild your psyche without changing your behavior. This is a serious matter.


This dream contained numerous messages for the dreamer. He is making dangerous mistakes.

If I could show you his life biography you would understand why he needed the warnings he had in this dream. You have to imagine the mistakes he was making in life based on the information contained in his dream.

Dreams give us explanations about our mind and our behavior, relating science to religion, philosophy, and art. We need many warnings because we are inconsequential.

The main function of dreams is to protect our mental health. This is why most dreams are warnings that reflect invisible dangers that are threatening our mental stability.

The Elimination Of Evilness

We believe that when we are evil we do something bad against someone else, but the truth is that we also do something very bad against us. Whatever we do against someone else is done against us at the same time.

Evilness is self-destructive, but we don’t understand this fact. Every time we are evil, we let our anti-conscience destroy a portion of our human conscience.

We don’t think that we are evil because we cannot see our entire brain. We ignore what is under the conscious surface.

We believe that there is goodness in our hearts and that we have many qualities, besides having many defects. However, we act like demons because we are selfish and indifferent. Our cruelty is visible through many ways in the unfair world we created, but we justify our evilness with rhetorical and subjective definitions.

We don’t believe that we are evil ‘only because’ we are indifferent to other people’s suffering. We believe that we are individualists.

We don’t think that we are responsible for what is happening in the world. This is why we prefer to close our eyes before terror and look for an artificial happiness based on constantly having material pleasures, while other people are starving.

We don’t care about the visible contradiction existent in the way we live.

We don’t understand that we are demons because we cannot identify the signs of evilness in our mind and behavior. We are used with definitions about human beings given by ignorant human beings who consider our abnormalities as if they were ‘normal’ reactions.

The real truth about who we are is revealed in our dreams because all dreams are produced by God. When we translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method we discover the real meaning of our behavior.

We understand why we are demons and what we have to do in order to become perfect human beings.

We are able to perceive the evilness existent behind our thoughts. So, we are able to combat evil thoughts that seem to be inoffensive.

We learn how to always control our behavior instead of letting our evil self replace our ego. We stop being ignorant victims. We protect our conscience.

Understanding What Is Bad

We don’t see what is bad in numerous situations because we are ignorant and naïve. The scientific knowledge of the world doesn’t help us develop our moral sense.

Here is a dream that reflects this fact. It was dreamt by a woman who has a problematic relationship:

I was at work with A and L. Everyone was eating lunch. I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. A was in another room so I left to find her. Then the lights went out. I felt someone, on the floor, grab and hold my ankle. I tried prying him off. He finally let go. I took his hand and dragged him into a lighted room. He was young with soft hair. I told him I would report him for sexual harassment. He tried to defend himself by acting naïve.

Dream translation:

I was at work with A and L.

A – My younger daughter

L – My older daughter

You represent your ego in dreams.

A and L represent your immature and mature moral image.

Your work is your mission: prove your loyalty to your perfect match in all circumstances.

Everyone was eating lunch.

Everyone are the parts of your personality. Lunch is an important meal. All the parts of your personality were being fed; they were receiving psychical energy that would give them a certain attitude.

I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Your ego was guided by your intuition, a psychological function that was not working in your conscience before, but started working now that you are following dream therapy.

You stopped being naïve.

A was in another room so I left to find her.

Your immature moral image was trying to find out something else about your mission and your ego had to look for your immature moral image.

This is negative. This means that your immature moral image is looking for something else besides your basic mission, which is to help your perfect match.

Your immature moral image must care only about your mission, instead of looking for something else.

Then the lights went out.

The fact that the lights went out indicates that something that was not known will become known. This is an important sign that indicates that you have to learn something important that you ignore. You have to finally see what you couldn’t see before.

I felt someone, on the floor, grab and hold my ankle. I tried prying him off. He finally let go.

The ankle connects the foot with the leg. It defines the steps you take in life.

Your feet represent your moral principles.

Someone was a part of your personality that wants to control your steps and make you abandon your mission.

The fact that he was on the floor means that this part of your personality lost its self-confidence.

Your ego managed to escape this trap.

So, you discovered that you are threatened by certain part of your personality when the lights went out.

I took his hand and dragged him into a lighted room. He was young with soft hair.

The hand is related to the actions of this part of your personality.

The lighted room is a place under the false light of lamps, which represents the false truth of the hypocritical world.

The fact that he was a boy means that he represents a childish part of your personality.

The hair in dreams represents ideas. The soft hair represents ideas that are not based on deep thoughts, but are superficial, immature ideas.

This part of your personality wanted to control your ego’s steps, but your ego couldn’t understand how dangerous this part of your personality really was because it was under the false light if lies (the lighted room).

I told him I would report him for sexual harassment.

Your ego was naïve and this is why you told him that you would report him. This childish part of your personality doesn’t care if you will tell what happened to the other parts of your personality. This part of your personality knows that it will escape without being punished.

He tried to defend himself by acting naïve.

This childish part of your personality pretends to be innocent, while it wants to make you abandon your moral principles and your mission.

You must be careful with this part of your personality and remain loyal to your obligation to save your perfect match.


Many negative parts of this dreamer’s personality that belong to her anti-conscience are trying to influence her behavior while she is trying to be a hero. Her anti-conscience doesn’t let her have the positive attitude she should have.

She believes that she is doing everything she can to be helpful, but the negative parts of her personality are sabotaging her positive attitude.

She doesn’t understand that she is evil when she pays attention to the evil thoughts that pass through her mind, and she is controlled by the negative parts of her personality.

She believes that this is a self-defensive attitude. Therefore, she becomes selfish. She stops wanting to be helpful.

Many people have a similar attitude, without understanding that they are controlled by their anti-conscience whenever they have a selfish attitude and they don’t want to help someone else.

Our selfish society doesn’t help us understand the importance of helping others, even if this person is our perfect match. We don’t make sacrifices. We always want to please our ego.

We don’t understand the meaning of compassion. We don’t feel that we have the obligation to be always helpful, without demanding something in return when we are good.

Our goodness depends on the advantages we will have for being good, but we don’t think that we are absurd because we think this way. We don’t see the evilness contained in our philosophy of life.

God sends us free psychotherapy and He gives us numerous explanations in our dreams exactly because He knows that we need help in order to understand our evil behavior.

Everything He prepared, created, and organized was done with one purpose in mind: eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and help us develop our human conscience.

God didn’t have the intention to create our planet in order to have the chance to create numerous animals and plants and create us because He wanted to give us life. If God had created us from the beginning we would be perfect. He would create a paradise for us and all animals would be peaceful.

However, our anti-conscience already existed before the creation of our universe and the creation of our planet.

God had to create an open mental health hospital in order to achieve an impossible goal and transform demons that think based on absurdity and evilness into wise and sensitive human beings who would think based on wisdom and goodness.

Going Beyond Your Historical Time

You have to surpass your historical time because it is a barbarous historical time. Humanity is still making numerous mistakes.

Your anti-conscience is constantly waiting for the right opportunity to mislead you, and constantly creating difficult situations in your life in order to have this opportunity. If you will be naïve you will surely be misled.

You will be tortured by mental illnesses and physical diseases, without having a meaningful life and without developing all your capacities.

You have to be different if you want to have the chance to escape the tragic destiny of those who never eliminate their anti-conscience and never evolve.

Your mental health is basic because your spirit depends on your mental condition. You are alive in order to stop being absurd and purify your spirit.

Having Faith In God

Faith is belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion. Faith is belief in anything as a code of ethics, standards of merit. Therefore, faith is an irrational belief.

Atheists attack other people’s faith in God, declaring that it cannot be logically justified. However, faith is not a rational belief, but a belief based on intuition.

On the other hand, many people had the experience to listen to God in many different historical times. God revealed many things to many people, who transmitted the knowledge they acquired to the world.

Their personal experience cannot be scientifically analyzed because it is a personal experience that no one else can have, and we don’t know if they really had this experience, or if they invented everything they said.

Some people believe in this information without having proof because they have faith in God. Their intuition shows them that God exists, without giving them rational explanations.

Intuition is an irrational psychological function. The fact that it is irrational doesn’t mean that it is not logical and valid.

Most people need scientific proof that God exists because they don’t trust their intuition.

I had rational proof of God’s existence when I analyzed the symbolic meaning of the book I started writing in 1976, when I was 15-years-old, after facing a tragic car accident that killed the friend who was next to me in the car and let me disabled for certain period of time.

I kept writing this strange literary book during six years, while I was traveling in the US and Greece, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I was born.

I remember that I was writing the part about the flying shark in Athens, when I was working as a secretary for a company that exported food from Greece to Arabic countries. I had the chance to write my book there because I spent many hours in the office and I didn’t have too much to do.

I was 19-years-old at that time. I believed that I had the idea to write something about a flying shark because this was unusual and original, but this inspiration was sent by the wise unconscious mind.

God was saving me from schizophrenia thanks to the information contained in the symbolic meaning that reflected my psychological problems.

The shark represents schizophrenia in dreams. A flying shark represented schizophrenia replacing God.

In the story, the flying shark suggested a strange solution to the philanthropic beggar and to the girl who had no teeth. They were trying to put an end to hunger.

The shark told them that they should look for a pacific logic that would solve all human problems. This was a rational solution.

The beggar and the girl looked for the ideal logic, which would help humanity think in a fair way, but they couldn’t find a pacific logic, so they started writing one themselves with the help of Freedom (who was personified as a girl), and with the help of Justice (who was personified as a blind woman).

The pacific logic seemed to be fair and intelligent, but when I analyzed the symbolic meaning of this part of the story I understood that in the end the beggar and the girl created a political system. They would become dictators who would impose the pacific logic to the world.

The beggar and the girl had a warning from an old man who lived in the human brain and told them to give everyone the right to stop following this logic if they were not happy with it.

God was trying to open my eyes thanks to my literary work and show me that I could become schizophrenic if I would believe that my ideas could replace His wisdom. I shouldn’t believe that I was more intelligent than God.

I concluded that I was saved from schizophrenia because I could see this danger in my literary work, but this was not a simple matter. What I could discover when I analyzed the personal symbolic meaning of my book was a warning. I still had to follow a deep psychotherapy and transform my personality.

I had revelations in my dreams and in my literary work that helped me truly believe in God’s existence and recover the faith I lost after the car accident because I had to fight absurdity.

I was an aggressive atheist during the six years of my adolescence during which I was writing The Philanthropic Beggar. However, after writing it I understood that I was ignorant and perhaps God existed, but I was not able to understand this fact.

My faith came back when I saw that God was helping me understand that I was absurd. He didn’t abandon me, even though I abandoned Him because He didn’t protect me and my friends and He let the accident happen.

Of course I had to believe that God existed, if I was seeing that God was trying to open my eyes with the book He made me write.

My faith was based on a practical experience.

When I was a teen I was transcribing God’s words without understanding this fact. I could see only the literary meaning of the story, which also gave me many lessons.

I could understand the two symbolic meanings of the book when I became a young adult because I needed this information in order to save my conscience. So, I had a serious reason to believe in God, after doubting that He existed during my adolescence.

My literary book had a personal symbolic meaning that was reflecting my psychological problems, and a universal meaning that was reflecting the problems of the human race.

I understood these symbolic meanings the right moment; exactly when I was ready to betray my husband because I was in love with his best customer.

The fact that I discovered that there was schizophrenia in my psyche and I had to fight absurdity thanks to God’s revelations, and the fact that God helped me avoid committing adultery clearly showed me that God was alive and He was protecting me.

This was a personal experience, but everyone can have a similar experience, since everyone is protected the same way thanks to the information they have in their dreams. Therefore, this experience can be repeated and scientifically verified.

I had extra information about my mental condition thanks to my literature because my case was serious. I needed a miracle to escape schizophrenia. My father was schizophrenic and I was exactly like him.

First of all, God let me doubt that He existed and try to live without depending on His guidance for six years. He let me verify my mistakes into practice and realize that I was ignorant, while He was secretly guiding me thanks to my literature.

My literary book showed me the depth of my ignorance. I saw that I shouldn’t believe that I was able to change the world based on my ideas.

I was unable to solve the problems of our existence. I didn’t know how to put an end to poverty, hatred, and violence.

God made me write this sad book with a very unhappy end in order to help me understand how ignorant I was, and in order to show me the truth about the human nature.

This book helped me have faith in God and precisely obey His guidance because I understood that only God can save the human race.

My faith was more than indispensable during the fight against schizophrenia, and also while I was facing the unfair world. If I didn’t believe in God, I wouldn’t be able to be so strong.

Today you can verify that God is your protector by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method. Your faith is justified by science, besides being justified by religion. So, you can have the necessary faith in order to fight your anti-conscience and the cruel world with determination.

Your faith will help you believe in your victory because you will feel that God is with you.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to submit your dreams for translation.

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