Interpreting Dreams and Discovering the Wisdom of Your Unconscious Psychologist

3553821437_4c12f0ebf9_mYou may see a dream where you were running, afraid that aliens could imprison you somewhere, and you hardly managed to finally escape.

This is a very common dream scene. It indicates the fight between your human conscience and the wild side of your conscience that remains in a primitive condition, and is as violent as all wild animals.

You, in your dreams represent the human part of your conscience, while the aliens represent the components of the wild side of your personality.

The anti-conscience, which is your wild side, affects your behavior negatively, because it tries to eliminate your reasoning and your sensitivity, by generating absurd thoughts and feelings.

The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams works like a psychologist, because you need guidance in order to eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience.

You’ll have constant support in the dream messages, once you learn the symbolic dream language, which can be easily understood after my simplification of Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. You only have to learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols in order to start understanding the messages contained in your own dreams.

Of course, the more you study, more you learn, and more you discover.

Your next dream will explain why you had the first one.

You see yourself in a boat, travelling in the calm sea, until you see the dorsal fin of a shark. You keep travelling, and soon you find an island. However, in order to get there, you have to face more sharks, which suddenly appear around your boat.

The sharks represent schizophrenia, while the sea represents craziness. In other words, the sharks are the worst mental illnesses that could affect you, while you are in contact with the dangerous content of your wild side (sea).

This dream is a serious warning that indicates that you must be very careful, so that you won’t completely lose your mind.

You have to think about what is happening to you in your daily life, because your dreams give you answers to the problems that keep worrying you.

If you had the intention to do something like trying a new job, only because you consider the job you already have somehow boring, after seeing a dream with the sea and so many sharks threatening you, you can understand that your mental health is in great danger.

This means that the new job won’t be good for you, you’ll very much regret having abandoned your old job, and you’ll acquire a serious mental illness due to this failure.

Thanks to the dream warning however, you understand that it would be disastrous to do what you had intended, and you decide to find ways to feel better working at the job you already have.

Your next dream will show you that you had the right attitude: you are going to see yourself finding money in the street.

Money represents psychical energy. You’ll find psychical energy that will give you excitement and a new disposition, because you have decided to pay attention to the positive aspects of the job you have, instead of being inconsequent and ungrateful.

This is how you’ll be guided by your unconscious psychologist as you keep interpreting the meaning of your dreams everyday, avoiding mistakes, and preparing the best results you can achieve in the future.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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